Airports in Morocco


Airports in Morocco

Rating of Airports in Morocco

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
ESU Essaouira Airport Essaouira 3.9 11
RAK Marrakech Airport Menara 3.4 1176
RBA Rabat Airport Sale 3.4 278
TNG Tangier Airport Boukhalef Souahel 3.4 233
OZZ Ouarzazate Airport Ouarzazate 3.4 15
AGA Agadir Airport Agadir Almassira 3.3 246
CMN Casablanca Airport Mohamed V 3.2 864
OUD Oujda Airport Les Angades 3.2 115
FEZ Fes Airport Sais 3.1 175
NDR Nador Airport Nador 2.9 46
EUN Laayoune Airport Laayoune-Hassan I Morocco 4.0 1
ERH Errachidia Airport Errachidia 3.8 4
VIL Dakhla Airport Dakhla 3.0 3
TTA Tan Tan Airport Tan Tan 3.0 2
GLN Guelmime Airport Guelmime 2.0 1

Rating of services at airports in Morocco

Airport Services Best Airport Rating
Restaurants Morocco Oujda Airport 3.0
Shops Morocco Marrakech Airport 3.2
Bus Morocco Nador Airport 3.8
Car Hire Morocco Ouarzazate Airport 5.0
Metro Morocco Nador Airport 3.0
Other Services Morocco Ouarzazate Airport 4.0
Services and Facilities Morocco Errachidia Airport 3.7
Taxi Morocco Tangier Airport 3.5
Rail Services Morocco Agadir Airport 4.0
Departure Lounges Morocco Essaouira Airport 3.8

Latest Reviews of Airports in Morocco

Mohamed V Airport (Casablanca) , 04/09/2016


Sale Airport (Rabat) , 22/07/2016

I did not get My luggage in Calgary, AF did not deliver it to BA.

Mohamed V Airport (Casablanca) , 19/08/2015

The particularity with RAM in Casa is that you can check in any flight in any station. I waited 40mn in line, and when my turn came, I was told that the flight had been closed for check in for 10mn, I was too late. Why nobody in the airport is announcing to the crowd that such and such flight is about to close, and if there is someone still in line, they can advance to the front of the line? I had to buy another flight. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE.

Menara Airport (Marrakech ) , 19/06/2015

Requires long walks to gate or another terminal.

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