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Rail services at airports in Greece

Rating of Airports in Greece - Rail services

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
ATH Athens Airport E. Venizelos 4.0 18
CFU Corfu Airport I Kapodistrais 5.0 3
SKG Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia Apt 1.0 4

Latest reviews of rail services at airports in Greece

E. Venizelos Airport (Athens) , 29/07/2014

Small, modern, clean, easy to get around inside, cheap and convenient buses to Athens, though slow. Basic cafes/ bars inside. A fine airport for a smooth trip though you wouldn't want to be stuck there too long. When bad weather at my destination delayed my flight, airside cafes and seating didn't offer much comfort or distraction.

Santorini Airport (Santorini) , 04/07/2014

very small and crowded

E. Venizelos Airport (Athens) , 19/06/2014

clean airport, friendly staff

Santorini Airport (Santorini) , 09/06/2014

Totally disorganised, the checking process is chaotic: queues waiting to check in were separated from the check-in desk by the queue of people trying to drop their luggages, so frustrated travellers were jumping in front of others which resulted in anger and additional stress. Why can't people drop their luggages at the check-in desk like in any other airport?! It was a total shamble! Once through security, we were all crammed in a small lounge with way too few seats, we felt like cattle. We'll never fly from there again.

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