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Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
VAR Varna Airport Varna 4.5 12
GOT Gothenburg Airport Landvetter 4.5 12
YYZ Toronto Airport Pearson International Airport 4.4 11
BEY Beirut Airport Beirut International 4.0 13
YUL Montreal Airport P Trudeau International 4.0 12
ATH Athens Airport E. Venizelos 3.8 18
LED St Petersburg Airport Pulkovo 3.5 22
FRA FRA Airport Frankfurt International 3.5 13
NBO Nairobi Airport Jomo Kenyatta Internatonal 3.2 12
DUS Dusseldorf Airport Dusseldorf All Airports 3.1 27
CCS Caracas Airport Simon Bolivar International 2.8 14
EWR New York Airport Newark International Airport 2.7 16
BBU Bucharest Airport Baneasa 2.3 12
SZG Salzburg Airport Wolfgang A Mozart 5.0 10
SHA Shanghai Airport Hongqiao 5.0 3
PHX Phoenix Airport Sky Harbor International Airport 5.0 3
MRS Marseille Airport Marseille-Provence 5.0 3
MLA Malta Airport Luqa 5.0 3
YQB Quebec Airport Sainte Foy Airport 5.0 2
TMP Tampere Airport Tampere-Pirkkala 5.0 2
OLB Olbia Airport Costa Smeralda 5.0 2
NAS Nassau Airport Nassau International Airport 5.0 2
BWI Baltimore Airport Baltimore 5.0 2
ZTH Zakinthos Airport Zakinthos 5.0 1
YEG Edmonton Airport Edmonton International 5.0 1
VVO Vladivostok Airport Vladivostok 5.0 1
SZX Shenzhen Airport Shenzhen 5.0 1
SLU Saint Lucia Airport George F L Charles 5.0 1
SLM Salamanca Airport Matacan 5.0 1
SDK Sandakan Airport Sandakan 5.0 1
SCV Suceava Airport Salcea 5.0 1
PIT Pittsburgh Airport Greater Pit Intnl Airport 5.0 1
OKC Oklahoma City Airport Will Rogers World Airport 5.0 1
NGO Nagoya Airport Komaki 5.0 1
MVD Montevideo Airport Carrasco 5.0 1
KUL Kuala Lumpur Airport Subang Kuala Lumpur International 5.0 1
KUF Samara Airport Samara 5.0 1
JOG Yogyakarta Airport Adisutjipto 5.0 1
GBE Gaborone Airport Gaborone 5.0 1
CPT Cape Town Airport D F Malan 5.0 1
CLJ Cluj-Napoca Airport Napoca 5.0 1
PAD Paderborn Airport Paderborn 4.7 6
RGS Burgos Airport Villafria 4.5 5
LPA Gran Canaria Airport Las Palmas 4.5 4
LGA New York Airport La Guardia 4.5 4
UIO Quito Airport Mariscal Sucre 4.5 3
TPA Tampa Airport Tampa International 4.5 3
MTY Monterrey Airport Gen M Escobedo 4.5 3
MCT Muscat Airport Seeb 4.5 3
BNE Brisbane Airport Brisbane International Airport 4.5 3
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Latest reviews of customs control at international airports

Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris) , 06/05/2014

Arriving from the UK, we found this airport a total repulsive for newcomers: grey, cold, concrete and metal, no smiles, and an arrogant attitude from the police control completed the picture.

Gatwick Airport (London) , 26/10/2013

My flight was 17:15 I arrived at the check in running 16:34 and is supposed to still be open and guiche not had anyone! There were 3 other people since 16:25 and said they had not had anyone with whom ALL lose the flight ! Apart there was no one to provide information, in the end we found a general guiche women who worked there did not bother with our situation, the one who could say was " I'm sorry " and tried to get another ticket that was outrageously expensive! In the end I searched for my account to get a new flight back home . In short .... never had problems in any airport and much less with the company AirEuropa, I travel a lot and I know what I'm talking about , and Gatwick airport is the worst I've ever been! And if I go back to London, I will think twice before choosing this airport. And something else without much importance , but here goes, should have a Mcdonalds before the security police, because the alternative restaurants that have, are few and expensive!

Schwechat Airport (Vienna) , 02/05/2011

good airport but luggage service is below international standards. 2 bags broken on 2 makes a 100% inefficiency and lack of care for customers. customer service doesn't accept claims unless they are not stricky based on economical value so in case of damaged goods, police is the only real referral. they do not accept claims if broken item is inside bag, even if you open in in front of their eyes.

Carthage Airport (Tunis) , 15/03/2010

Security appears somewhat slipshod, police are not the of the professional standards of central Europe, ineviteable issues from taxi drivers but its wise to adjust to being in North Africa and act accordingly - with a smile.

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