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Taxis at airports in Africa

Rating of Airports in Africa - Taxis

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
NBO Nairobi Airport Jomo Kenyatta Internatonal 3.7 12
VXE Sao Vicente Airport San Pedro 5.0 2
TOE Tozeur Airport Tozeur 5.0 1
SEZ Mahe Island Airport Seychelles Intl 5.0 1
GBE Gaborone Airport Gaborone 5.0 1
DJE Djerba Airport Melita 4.5 2
RAI Praia Airport F. Mendes 4.0 3
BKO Bamako Airport Senou 4.0 3
SID Sal Airport Amilcar Cabral International 4.0 1
ORN Oran Airport Es Senia 4.0 1
JRO Kilimanjaro Airport Kilimanjaro 4.0 1
CPT Cape Town Airport D F Malan 4.0 1
JNB Johannesburg Airport O.R. Tambo International 3.8 6
ABJ Abidjan Airport Port Bouet 3.5 3
ACC Accra Airport Kotoka 3.0 5
DAR Dar es Salaam Airport Dar Es Salaam Intl 3.0 3
ALY Alexandria / Borg El Arab Airport El Nohza 3.0 3
CAI Cairo Airport Cairo International 3.0 2
ZIG Ziguinchor Airport Ziguinchor 3.0 1
TAS Tashkent Airport Vostohny 3.0 1
NOS Nossi Be Airport Fascene 3.0 1
BEW Beira Airport Beira 3.0 1
MPM Maputo Airport Maputo International 2.7 5
SSH Sharm el Sheikh Airport Ophira 2.5 4
DKR Dakar Airport Yoff 2.5 4
ZNZ Zanzibar Airport Kisauni 2.3 3
MRU Mauritius Airport Ile Maurice Sir Seewoosagur 2.3 3
OZZ Ouarzazate Airport Ouarzazate 2.0 2
FIH Kinshasa Airport N'Djili 2.0 2
VIL Dakhla Airport Dakhla 2.0 1
RUN St-Denis de La Reunion Airport Gillot 2.0 1
OXB Bissau Airport Osvaldo Vieira 2.0 1
TIP Tripoli Airport Tripoli Intl. 1.8 3
VFA Victoria Falls Airport Victoria Falls 1.0 1
HRE Harare Airport Harare 1.0 1

Latest reviews of taxis at airports in Africa

Cairo International Airport (Cairo) , 28/03/2014

currency in duty free is dollars except for food outlets. In terminal 1 do not use the downstairs cafe - he was charging almost double the price of the cafe upstairs and overcharging on the exchange rates. Duty free is over-priced except for tobacco and alcohol. Shop in Cairo before going to the airport! Porters are over-anxious to get tips and quite pushy. Queues at passport control were minimal for departure but not so on arrival which was like a cattle market. On arrival, you are met by a crowd of taxi drivers looking for business so make sure and arrange your transport before arrival, some can be quite aggressive competing for fares, and all are overcharging.

Ophira Airport (Sharm el Sheikh) , 25/02/2013

No direct entry from the plan into the terminalOnly a few services availableTaxi shuttle services can be improved a lot5 min taxi ride at 25 Euro's for tourists - it's bad service and gives you the idea that you can NOT trust anyone.

Carthage Airport (Tunis) , 15/03/2010

Security appears somewhat slipshod, police are not the of the professional standards of central Europe, ineviteable issues from taxi drivers but its wise to adjust to being in North Africa and act accordingly - with a smile.

Menara Airport (Marrakech ) , 16/09/2014

Menara is a clean and spacious airport. It is an oasis after the heat and hustle and bustle of Marrakesh in summer

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